Acetate Sunglasses

We present you our range of Acetate polarized sunglasses, lenses specially designed for you and that you will only find in your online sunglasses shop.

Thanks to them, you will always be safe from the sun’s rays and always be in fashion. In addition, our sunglasses are very easy to combine with other types of clothing.


What is acetate in relation to glasses

It is more and more fashionable to make any type of goggle using acetate. In case you didn’t know, acetate is an especially soft and malleable yet resistant material. It is achieved through certain types of compounds such as cotton.

Thanks to this, we can produce lenses with different shades and color ranges, with different shapes, thus achieving exclusive glasses from Crossed Store.

Polarized glasses, aspects to consider

Polarized type lenses are those lenses that create a kind of filter that prevents any type of light in an established direction. For example, sunglasses are often polarized vertically, so they will block horizontal light perfectly.

Basically and for the sake of clarity, the main advantage of these small sunglasses is that they can suppress the reflection of light, as is the case for example with the road, especially when it is wet.

As you know, sunlight illuminates in any direction, so a polarized goggle will not prevent that light. What you will be able to avoid and in a perfect way are the reflections that this light creates.

Discover our men sunglasses 2017 Acetate

In you will be able to find, within our category of Acetate glasses, up to 6 different lines of sunglasses that we will detail you something more in depth. This way we will help you choose the perfect eyewear for you.

Blue Sunglasses Lupus

This Acetato range of eyewear is characterized by its tortoiseshell frame and fresh and daring designs. They come equipped, of course, with polarized lenses to perfectly protect you from the sun’s rays or reflections.

You can find them in different colors, with sky blue, gray, black lenses. They come equipped with flexible hinges and temples made of the highest quality wood.

A current model of solar goggle especially designed for you.

Namaka Sunglasses

As far as Namaka models are concerned, we must highlight above all the color of their frames, in perfect combination with their lenses of different colors such as sky blue or intense black.

These men’s sunglasses will leave no one unsatisfied and are made of top quality wood.

Puppis range

Polarized sunglasses with round lenses, with a frame made of acetate and high quality wooden temples. They are also available with lenses in different colors, such as brown or black.

Today’s sunglasses, designed using rounded, hinged lines and equipped with fully flexible springs for comfort.

Osiris Sunglasses for Men

Osiris lenses stand out for having rounded glass and acetato hawksbill frames in a more than perfect combination of colors and designs.

It is worth highlighting the excellent quality wood applied to its sideburns. Men’s fashion glasses for 2017.

Ross sunglasses and Wolf range

Finally we find a pair of sunglasses ranges such as Ross and Wolf. The latter has high quality wooden temples and spring hinges.

To highlight its attractive and groundbreaking design in its acetate hawksbill frame in yellow and black colors and its black lenses.

For its part, the Ross range of polarized sunglasses is a model designed with rather oval lines. It also has wooden sideburns and a frame made of acetato carey.

As you can see, strongly bet on polarized sunglasses and exclusive models for men and women today. Which one do you want?


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