Mixed Sunglasses
We present our new range of Mixed sunglasses, made with a variety of premium materials and exclusive design.

In this way we are able to extract the benefits of both lines of lenses, thus achieving unique and exclusive models.


Discover everything we offer you in our extensive and varied Mixed eyewear catalogue now. Remember that you will not pay anything for shipping and you have up to 14 to return them at no cost to you.
Round sunglasses for men and women
We have the best models in round sunglasses for any genre. In the Crossedstore. com catalog we can find up to 4 different types of fashion glasses that we will detail more in depth.

We want you to buy sunglasses that are ideal and perfect for you.
Neptune Round Sunglasses
This lens model has round lenses and is available in a wide range of colours, such as sky blue, grey, brown or green for example.

All of them are designed with simple lines but at the same time daring, achieving in this way unique designs.

They have sideburns made of high quality and highly resistant wood, as well as frame of pulp of different kinds such as tortoiseshell, rubber, chocolate color.

All our lenses are made of polarized polycarbonate and have very flexible hinges, so that they are very comfortable to wear.
Satin round glasses
As for the Saturn range, they also have round lenses and are available in different colours, such as yellow, sky blue, green, brown or blue.

To highlight its innovative and attractive designs, as well as its different types of frames, such as tortoiseshell or rubbery paste in different shades.
They also have oak wooden temples, which are very resistant and with flexible hinges.

Equipped with polarized polycarbonate to perfectly protect you from the sun’s rays. A pair of sunglasses with which you will not go unnoticed in no time.
Sedna fashion glasses
Our Sedna lenses have the peculiarity that all of them have hawksbill frames or also in chocolate paste.

Simple lines have been used for its elaboration, taking care of every detail, thus achieving almost perfect online outlet sunglasses.

With lenses created so that they do not damage you the UV rays of the Sun and in different colors really showy in conjunction with their frames.

Thus, you can find sky blue crystals with brown frames or yellow crystals with blue frame.
Sunglasses Earth
Our latest range of Earth round glasses have highly resistant wooden temples and are undoubtedly our most aggressive line chromatically speaking.

As you can see in our catalogue, really eye-catching colours have been used, playing with a perfect chromatic combination.

For example, you can find yellow lenses with white, blue or black frames as well as sky blue lenses with yellow or white frames.

We get a fashionable goggle with which you will be in fashion and not go unnoticed at any time.

With spring hinges and lenses to keep you safe from the sun.

Wooden Sunglasses WOOD

Acetate Polarized Sunglasses