Wooden Sunglasses
If you’ve come this far, it’s because you’re looking for wooden sunglasses. Well, congratulations, because at Crossedstore we have the best sunglasses made of this material.

Eyewear for men or women, everything fits in our online sunglasses shop. Look at all we have for you.


Why buy them?
At Crossed we always choose the best trends and designs in sunglasses. Fully ecological models with polarized lenses that will protect you from the sun at all times.

These will create a special filter that only allow the passage of useful light, thus achieving perfect contrasts completely natural.

The fact is that this type of design glasses are becoming more and more fashionable, using the best possible materials in their manufacture, thus achieving perfect wooden glasses.

Wood is a very resistant material. In addition, it fulfils its mission perfectly with elegant designs and high-quality lenses in different colours.
Discover all models of wooden glasses Crossed
Within our varied catalog in this type of glasses you can find up to 8 different ranges, both in sunglasses for men in wood and women.

We’ll detail them in more detail below, so don’t miss out on the detail!
Polarized Cygni Wooden Sunglasses
Sunglasses with perfect finishes, have different color shades. They come equipped with sky blue lenses and made of polycarbonate and high quality wood.
Eris Eyeglasses
This range of lenses have more sober lines than the previous ones in green. With these sunglasses, you will always be at the forefront and adapt perfectly to your face.

Highly resistant wood with flexible spring hinges has been used for its construction. With all of this we have achieved spectacular sunglasses for you.
Lenses from the Kepler range
This type of eyewear stands out for its versatility and lines. They have dark black polarized polycarbonate lenses. A more than winning and safe bet.
Sunglasses Mars in wood
If you want to attract attention what better choice than Mars sunglasses, only here on Crossedstore. Attractive and aggressive designs, with a perfect combination of all kinds of colors to achieve an ideal sunglasses.

You’ll get a sophisticated and exclusive look at the same time. The best woods have been used to make them and they have polarized lenses in polycarbonate.
Crossed Mercury Glasses
Manufactured by hand, this wide range of sunglasses has perfectly rounded lines, available with blue or red lenses.

In its tailoring and finishing have taken care of every last detail to achieve perfect sunglasses. Made from black bamboo wood and UV400 polarized polycarbonate lenses.
Omi Range
Excellent sunglasses with very elegant aesthetic lines, available in 2 different colors and with sky blue or black lenses. They come equipped with flexible hinges for added comfort.

Wooden sunglasses for men or women, with polarized lenses and highly resistant materials.
Orcua, wooden glasses
The Orcua sunglasses range is available in 2 different colours. Both have rounded polycarbonate polarized lenses to protect you from the sun’s rays.

They have flexible hinges to make them comfortable to wear and are handmade with bamboo wood.

You can find them with brown or sky blue lenses, you choose which model suits you best!
Varuna Sunglasses Models
Last but not least, Varuna sunglasses are available with sky blue lenses.

Designed with elegant lines, they are made of very resistant materials such as bamboo wood, hand-carved, achieving a unique exclusivity from Crossed’s hand.

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