Famous and Crossed (II)

Famous and Crossed (II)

The attention of the famous by our sunglasses is increasing. So after the first post dedicated to the actors, today we are going to tell you about the participants in two of the main realities of Telecinco, Big Brother and Mujeres Hombres and Viceversa.


Tronistas, pretenders and advisors of love have not been able to resist our sunglasses, sustainable, full of color and following the latest trends. How could they do it? It is impossible!

In the last few weeks we have seen our glasses, both in the program and in photos shared in social networks, Isaac Díaz Pareja, Leo QQCCMH, Anais León, Alejandro Santana, Antonio David Flores, Marta López, Adrián Soler, Leonardo Cámara, Jesús Reyes , Angel Vico, María Hernández, Liz Emiliano and Olaya Rivas.

In addition, thanks to their photos with the Crossed we can know them better, in their moments of leisure, which are perfect to show off our Crossed.


The great brothers have not been able to resist the Crossed and we have seen them wear them on their holidays, driving, with friends … There is no limit to our glasses!

Fede Rebecchi was the last but before him they took Crossed others like Hugo Perez Cabaleiro, Juanma Furio and Azahara.

The list does not stay there, next week, models, bloggers and our favorite comic … Who will?

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