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Looking back always helps us to value the present. Today Crossed is not only a brand, but a way of understanding fashion and life. Our collections have grown naturally, after 8 years in the fantastic world of fashion, two brothers with an entrepreneurial spirit and restless minds decided to embark on a new, creative, innovative and evocative way, where imagination and the desire to satisfy the Needs led them to found a unique brand, Crossed.

Each person has his own story, his own voice, so at Crossed they have glasses for each one, with the character and authenticity of a brand loyal to originality, creativity and nature, which today stands in the forefront In the world of sunglasses.

Its headquarters are in Malaga, on the Costa del Sol, in front of the Mediterranean, where they were born and where they continue to inspire. They are already present in more than 10 countries and continue to grow with enthusiasm, boldness, audacity and creativity.

Many aspects of life are a matter of balance, of deciding how to act before different circumstances, making decisions that make us advantageous in the moments, therefore Crossed knower of all this finds the harmony combining fashion, nature and originality in its designs, obtaining Resulting in elegance, naturalness, risk and harmony in every sunglass.

CROSSED sunglasses are made by hand, with noble materials and high quality lenses.