The secrets of polycarbonate

The secrets of polycarbonate

After reading this headline you will be thinking that we have become a little crazy, but it is not, we want you to know better our Crossed sunglasses through one of its components.

Because if so far we had talked about bamboo, material very present in the mounts of our glasses, now we are going to make the material of the lenses, the polycarbonate.

And why have we chosen this material for our wooden sunglasses? For a simple reason, these types of lenses are comfortable, lightweight, protect your eyes from UV and are ultra-resistant. It’s not bad at all! True?


Polycarbonate lenses resist up to 10 times more strokes than plastic or glass lenses and provide 100% protection against UV rays. It originated in warplanes, as they provided clear vision and was resistant to impacts. And to give you an idea of ​​its resistance, NASA has used it for astronauts’ helmets and space shuttle windshields.

For three decades they have been used for the manufacture of sunglasses like ours, resistant, light, perfect for sports and for children. They are especially suitable for indoor sports with risk of impacts or blows, and are also a good choice as basketball glasses, handball … in case graduation is needed and no contact lenses are used. They are also used in outdoor sports where they ensure the greatest protection of sight. And to conserve all their properties, it is essential to take care of them, for example, through a correct cleaning that free of scratches.

So you know, if you join the design of our frames, the color of the lenses and their maximum protection, we will have an unbeatable product: Our Crossed sunglasses.

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